Below is the Brassica & Leafy Salad Conference Programme



8.30-9:30 View Trade Exhibitors – Registration and Breakfast


9.30-10:30 Morning session– Chaired by Richard Mowbray


10 mins Opening slot- main sponsor

  • 20 mins Chasing the Biggest Bang- Graham Sait, Nutri-Tech Solutions
  • 20 mins A New Zealand Industry Update – Kiran Hari, Living Foods, NZ
  • 20 mins Utilising Plant Light Responses in Controlled Environment Agriculture with LED Lighting – Phoebe Sutton, Vertically Urban


10:30-11:15 Mid-morning – Chaired by Richard Mowbray

  • 20 mins The Healthy Food Dichotomy – Ben Taylor-Davies, Regenben
  • 20 mins The Future for Crop Protection – Jack Ward, British Growers Association


11:15 Coffee break (20 minutes)


11.40 -12.50/13:00 Individual Technical Sessions

15/20 minute presentations each + questions


BLSA – Peterborough Suite

Chair:  Emma Garfield, R&D Outdoor chair

  • Characterising downy mildew of lettuce and spinach – Alison Lees, James Hutton institute
  • Grower Led Spinach Damping off trial – Dr Catherine Eyre, ADAS
  • Propagation With Peat-Free Substrates – Andrew Watson, ADAS
  • Green-bridging the gaps: insights into the cryptic life history of a poorly understood aphid, Nasonovia ribisnigri – Dion Garrett, Rothamstead Research

BGA – Cambridge Suite

Chair:  Will Iliffe, R&D Chair

  • Emerging Insect Problems – Swede Midge and Cabbage Stem Flea Beatle – Rosemary Collier, Warwick University
  • Potential of robotic technology for vegetable production – Greg Cielniak, University of Lincoln
  • Is there anything left to spray? – Andy Richardson, Allium & Brassica Centre


1.00 Lunch break (1hr 10 mins)


2:10 Afternoon Session-

Chair: Rob Parker

  • 20 mins Automating Agriculture with Artificial Intelligence – Brent Shedd, Stout Agriculture
  • 20 mins Defra’s Review of Automation & Robotics – Simon Pearson, University of Lincoln
  • 10 min Infield Automation – A practical approach – Thomas Beach, Autonomous Agri Solutions
  • 10 min Robotti – A Grower’s View – Andrew Williams, Home Farm, Nacton

10 mins joint questions at the end.


3:20 Marketing insights-

Chair: Rob Parker

10 mins  Issues Management – Dieter Lloyd, Pam Lloyd PR

15 min How is the cost-of-living crisis impacting vegetable consumption, and what can we do about it – Dan Parker, Veg Power

15 mins City Harvest – Dan McAlpine & Sarah Calcutt


4:00 closing remarks – Rob Parker

4.30 conference close


Full programme kindly sponsored by